Lawsuit Claims Meta is Child Abuse Breeding ground

A lawsuit has blamed Meta for being a breeding ground for child predators.

A lawsuit filed by the New Mexico attorney general accuses the tech giant of ignoring child abuse that is prevalent on the platform.

In response, Meta said it is working hard to root out child abuse from the platform.

Child Abuse Material Widespread on Meta

Mr. Raul Torrez, New Mexico’s Attorney General, said the office had investigated child abuse on Facebook and Instagram and has found skyrocketing figures.

State investigators reported that child abuse material was ten times more prevalent on Instagram and Facebook than on adult sites.

“They (Facebook & Instagram) are not safe spaces for children but rather prime locations for predators”. Mr. Torrez said.

Meta Allows Child Abuse

Meta is complicit in making child abuse material available for people who prey on children, the lawsuit mentioned.

It said the platform was an ideal place for child predators “to buy and sell the images and the children who are its casualties and its currency”.

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