Tesla’s Self-Driving Cars Are Not Safe, Whistleblower Says

A former Tesla employee has raised concerns over the safety mechanism of its AI-driven cars.

The ex-employee said he was fired because he raised the issue with autopilot driver-assistance software at his workplace.

Mr. Lukasz Krupski said that even if we don’t use Tesla, our children will likely suffer because others will use Tesla.

The Hardware is Not Ready

During an interview with the BBC, Mr Krupski said Tesla’s hardware is not ready for public experimentation.

“I don’t think the hardware is ready [or] the software is ready”, he told BBC.

As a former employee, the New York Times reported, Krupski has flagged flaws in Tesla’s AI capabilities.

Tesla Says Its System is Fine

While Tesla didn’t respond to Krupski’s remarks, the CEO Elon Musk has rejected the accusations.

He has repeatedly claimed that “Tesla has by far the best real-world AI.”

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the US Department of Justice have investigated Tesla’s AI-assisted features.

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