Canadian Police Guilty of Leaking Intelligence To Criminal Gang

A Canadian jury has found a former Canadian intelligence police officer guilty of leaking information to a criminal gang.

The man named Cameron Ortis shared sensitive intelligence data with a criminal organization in 2015.

At the time of his arrest, Mr. Ortis was serving as the director general of the National Intelligence Coordination Centre.

Cameron Ortis’s court sketch

Ortis Worked As A Spy

Mr Ortis was found guilty of acting as a spy for a criminal entity.

He was arrested back in 2019 and charged with six counts for leaking sensitive national security information.

Prosecutors said Mr. Ortis received hefty sums for sharing the information with three individuals linked to an international money-laundering ring.

Ortis Rejects Accusations

Mr Ortis has rejected the accusations of espionage.

He has said that he was working to protect the motherland from grave danger by doing so.

The BBC said the case will test Canada’s potential to persecute espionage cases.

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