FBI Seizes NYC Mayor Phones To Investigate Campaign Financing

The Federal Investigation Agency has seized mobile phones of the New York City Mayor in an alleged campaign financing case.

People associated with Mayor Eric Adams said the agency confiscated two iPhones and one iPad to probe if the Mayor received foreign funding.

Mayor Accused of Taking Funds From Turkey

The search, first reported by The New York Times, said that the Mayor had justified his campaign funding.

“The probe centered on whether the campaign had conspired with the Turkish government”, the BBC correspondent Sam Cabral said.

Officials said the mayor denied any wrongdoing as he had nothing to hide.

Mayor Happily Complied With FBI’s Request

Mr Adams’s lawyer, Boyd Johnson, said the Mayor happily complied with the FBI and handed them everything they requested.

As a former member of law enforcement, Mr. Adams urged all his staff to cooperate with security officials and follow the law.

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