Italy Top Diplomat Steps Down After Leaked Prank Call

The chief diplomatic advisor of the Italian Prime Minister has stepped down over a prank call.

The Italian PM, Giorgia Meloni, said her chief diplomatic advisor Francesco Talo, is no longer her diplomatic advisor after an alleged leaked call where the PM expressed dissatisfaction over the Ukraine war.

Russian Pranksters Made Call

In the prank call, which became available online just this week, Meloni expressed dissatisfaction about the need for more assistance from European allies in managing migration issues in Italy.

Meloni office said the call was recorded when the PM was talking to an African Union official.

Prime Minister’s office later confirmed that the pranksters were Russian and not an African official, as they previously claimed.

Why Did Talo Resign?

The resignation has raised questions in the political circles in Italy.

So far, no details have been shared by the government about the reasons behind the resignation.

“This matter was not handled well, we are all sorry, Ambassador (Francesco) Talo took responsibility for it,” Meloni said. 

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