Musk Offers Starlink Internet For Aid Organizations in Gaza

Elon Musk has offered Starlink services to help aid organizations in the Gaza Strip.

He said the internet will provide communication links for aid organizations working in the war-torn area.

The Israeli government has rejected Musk’s proposal to Gaza and said terrorists will use it for terrorism.

Starlink To Start Working in Gaza

Elon Musk’s proposal came amid intense Israeli bombardment against Gaza.

He expressed his willingness over X, formerly Twitter, where he responded to a US lawmaker’s tweet about an internet blackout in Gaza.

Musk said he didn’t know who was responsible for ground links in Gaza.

Israel Threatens Starlink

In response, the Israeli government said they’d boycott the company if it provided Starlink to Gaza.

Israel’s Communications Minister Shlomo Karhi said insurgents inside Gaza will use it for terrorist activities.

“My office will cut any ties with Starlink,” the minister said.

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