BBC Says Elon Musk Needs To Solve Four Problems With X

The BBC has said Elon Musk needs to solve four key problems with X, formerly twitter.

The billionaire tech CEO has been accused of not paying attention to disinformation and customer grievances after he took over. 

The BBC sheds light on four key problems. Here we discuss one by one

The Numbers

Experts believe the platform is hesitant to release reports by how many users it currently has.

The company doesn’t release official numbers because “everything is down”, David Carr, from SimilarWeb, told BBC.

Ad Revenue

The report said ad revenues are going drastically low.

According to third-party stats, the platform has lost at least 55% of its ad revenue since Musk took over.

Everything App

Another issue is Elon Musk’s stubbornness to make the platform an app where the users will get almost everything, what he calls “the everything app”.

Experts believe the tactics are hurting the company as it causes uncertainty among investors.

Hate Speech & Disinformation

Hate speech and disinformation has been thriving on the platform and the issue remains a constant problem for Musk.

There has been an increase in antisemitism, racism and anti-minority posts.

Multiple researchers have concluded that the platform hosts more fake news than any other platform.

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