Bacteria Blamed for Mysterious Death of 350 Elephants in Africa

Scientists have finally uncovered an agent that caused the death of hundreds of elephants in Zimbabwe.

The death of around 350 elephants remained a mystery after they died suddenly in 2020.

The researchers have discovered that the Pasteurella Bisgaard taxon 45 bacterium was responsible for the deaths.

Mystery Solved

According to a new research study in Nature Journal, scientists now believe that a previously unknown type of bacterium was responsible for the deaths of elephants.

The bacterial infection causes blood poisoning in elephants, killing them eventually.

Scientists said this same bacterium could have also killed elephants in neighboring countries.  

350 elephants mysteriously died in 2020

Scientists Are Worried

The researchers wrote in the research paper that the sudden death of elephants represents a critical conservation concern for elephants.

Coupled with other issues like droughts, the researchers suggested strict conservative measures; otherwise, humanity could lose the precious species. 

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