Spanish Police Seizes $64 Million Worth of Stolen Jewelry

The Spanish police arrested five culprits who wanted to sell stolen jewelry taken from Ukraine.

The Spanish police said the suspects wanted to sell $64 million of jewelry, including ancient artifacts.

Stolen Items Were Millenniums Old

The precious items included Greco-Scythian era artifacts believed to be at least 2,800 years old.

The arrest was made after a thorough investigation initiated by the Spanish police in 2021.

European countries like Albania, Ukraine, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, and Cyprus also helped the Spanish authorities investigate.

Spain’s National Archeological Museum

Items Were Stolen in 2016

All the recovered items were stolen from Kyiv museum and were transported illegally into Spain, the police said.

The suspects also included an Orthodox priest, whose identity was not disclosed by authorities.

The artifacts are currently in the possession of Spain’s National Archeological Museum and Cultural Heritage Institute.

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