Off-Pilot Charged with Murder For Attempting To Crash Plane

An off-duty was charged with 83 counts of murder for attempting to crash the plane.

The suspect, Joseph David Emerson, was sitting inside the cockpit, behind the captain, when he tried to crash the Alaska Airlines flight.

The airline said the suspect attempted to shut the engines down but was apprehended on time. 

80 Passengers Were on Board

Alaska Airlines was headed from Washington to San Francisco with 80 passengers on board.

The airline was diverted to Portland when the suspect attempted to shut the engines down.

The pilot immediately alerted the traffic control and said they had got the person who tried to turn off the engines out of the cockpit.

FBI is Investigating

The FBI is jointly working with Port of Portland Police to investigate the motives and history of the suspect.

The FBI said people should not have to worry about as there was no threat.

The Federal Aviation Administration said the incident, in no way, was related to current world events.

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