25 Years Research Reveals Shocking Decline in Antarctica Ice

A 25-year research study has revealed significant losses in more than 40 per cent of Antarctica’s ice shelves.

The study showed that thinning ice shelves have released massive amounts of water into Earth’s oceans.

Image showing the Getz ice shelf. Getz lost 1.9 trillion tonnes of ice

7.5 trillion tonnes of Water Melt

The research study by scientists from the University of Leeds revealed astonishing figures regarding ocean water loss.

Between 1997 and 2021, ice shelves around Antarctica lost a staggering 7.5 trillion tonnes of water into the oceans.

Research’s leading author, Dr. Benjamin Davison, said the region gained far less ice than it lost.

Global Warming, A Key Factor

Human activities have far-reaching consequences, the evidence of which is this colossal disappearance of ice.

The researchers blamed global warming caused by human activities in the form of greenhouse gases.

The assessment of the scientists was based on over 100,000 satellite radar images, which helped in careful analyses.

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