Israel Seeks To Close Al Jazeera For Supporting Terrorism

The Israeli Communications Minister has said the government will shut down Al Jazeera for supporting terrorist attacks.

Israel’s Minister Shlomo Karhi said they contacted security officials and legal experts, and they all agreed to shut down the news agency for supporting Hamas terrorist attacks last week.

Did Al Jazeera Support Terrorism?

Reuters quoted Israeli officials as they accused Al Jazeera of being a mouthpiece for terrorism.

Al Jazeera, a Qatari-based news agency, have been reporting the developments with an Arab perspective.

Karhi told Israel’s Army Radio the arab news agency was inciting people against the state of Israel. Reuters reported that Al Jazeera and the Qatari government have not responded to their requests.

Propaganda Mouthpiece

The Israeli Minister accused the Qatari news agency of being a propaganda mouthpiece.

He also said the news agency broadcast the messages of Hamas leaders and hoped that the government would get rid of it. 

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