UN Says Disasters Cost $3.8 Trillion in Crop Losses in 30 Years

The United Nations agency has said disaster costs stood at around $3.8 trillion in damages to crops and livestock in 3 decades.

The Food and Agriculture Organization said the frequency of disasters has multiplied in the last few decades due to climate change and other political turmoil.

Report Sheds Light on Food Insecurity

The report titled “The impact of disasters on agriculture and food security” is the first-ever international assessment by the agency highlighting food insecurity.

The report said humans lost around $123 billion annually due to disasters.

Asia was considered the most affected region globally, amounting to 45% of the total loss in agriculture and livestock.

Report Outlines Three Priorities

The report also mentioned three key policy priorities to avert global food insecurity:

  1. The agency asked the concerned officials to gather data regarding disasters and their impacts.
  2. Multi-sectoral and multi-hazard approaches should be adopted.
  3. Investment opportunities should be provided to enhance resilience. 

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