Tween Who Barely Survived Death From Vaping Has A Message

A 12-year-old girl who barely survived severe damage to her lung left a message for those who use vape.

Sarah Griffin told BBC that teens must never ever start vaping otherwise they’ll have the same consequences she went through.

Sarah was rushed to the hospital after facing difficulty breathing.

Sarah Griffin, Photo: BBC

Sarah Barely Survived

Sarah’s mother Mary said her daughter barely survived death as she thought she might die.

The other said Sarah started vaping when she was just 9 years old, a dangerously low age for such an activity.

Mary further said that her daughter hid her vapes under the carpet and they didn’t know recently.

Sarah’s mother, Photo: BBC

Sarah Urged Parents To Be Careful

Although Sarah recovered successfully, the habit has left a permanent mark on her lungs.

She still performs lung exercises, something that is very unusual for a 12-year-old. Mary called upon all parents and kids to open their eyes to this new pandemic.

“This is happening all around, and possibly your child too,” Mary said.

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