45% of World’s Flowering Plants Are Threatened By Extinction

A new research study painted a terrifying picture of planting flowers being on the verge of extinction.

At least 45% of the world’s known flowering plants are threatened by extinction around the world, the study revealed.

The endangered species included important crops like orchids and pineapples.

77% New Plants & Fungi Endangered

The research study conducted by the Royal Botanic Gardens mentioned that out of the total 19,000 discovered plants since 2020, 77% are endangered.

The study examined research papers of around 200 scientists from 30 countries.

After careful assessment, the researchers said the phenomenon was global as the climate change and other factors were not restricted to specific regions.

We Are Losing Opportunities

Highlighting the medicinal benefits of plants, Dr Matilda Brown, a conservation specialist, humanity was losing opportunities.

Nine out of ten medicines are developed with the help of plants, and we are “losing half of all of our future medicines”, he said.

Experts believe 90% of the world’s fungi are still unknown and they may die out without humans ever using them.

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