NASA To Send 3 Rockets Into Solar Eclipse Shadow

NASA will be sending three rockets into the moon’s shadow on the coming Saturday.

The space agency is expected to examine the moon during a solar eclipse for the very first time. 

What The Rockets Will Do?

The three rockets will be analyzing the earth’s atmosphere during the time of eclipse,

NASA said. Each rocket will be launched at three different phase of the eclipse i.e.  before the eclipse, during and after the peak of the eclipse.

NASA’s Helio physics program scientist Madhulika Guhathakurta said the rockets will gather data on Earth’s atmosphere, electron density and temperature.

Mission Named After Egyptian God

The agency’s mission is named after the ancient Egyptian god Apep, the god of darkness and chaos.

The name was chosen in reference to the darkening effect the solar eclipse will cover the southern US with. The space agency didn’t comment on the time duration of the solar eclipse. 

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