Corruption Causing West To Abandon Ukraine, Secret Files Show

biden and Ukraine president standing

A secret document obtained by POLITICO revealed that high level corruption in Ukraine is hampering western efforts to defeat Russia.

According to the U.S. strategy confidential document, the Biden administration is worried about increasing misuse of American dollars.

West May Abandon Ukraine

The document stressed upon winning, not just the war against Russia, but also the anti-corruption drive as campaigned by Ukraine’s President Zelensky. 

Different objectives were laid down in the document and most of the focus highlighted increasing corruption that may demotivate western allies to abandon Ukraine. 

The US state department uploaded a demo version of the document while the original document is three times long, POLITICO reported.

US Objectives in Ukraine

The document also talked about reforms in the energy sector, education secretary and military, making Ukraine fully eligible to be integrated into Europe.

POLITICO also reported to have been told by government officials that European support to Ukraine is dependent upon the commitment of Biden administration. 

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