Tupac Shakur’s Murder Suspect Arrested After 27 Years

A suspect has been arrested in connection with hip-hops icon Tupac Shakur’s murder. The suspect Keefe D was arrested on Friday for his alleged involvement in the murder of hip-hop legend in 1996. Tupac Shakur died after he was shot four times  in a drive-by shooting.

Suspect Charged With Murder

The police have charged Mr Davis with murder with a deadly weapon. Davis has been open about his involvement in the murder which he also mentioned in his memoir. He has said that he was sitting in a car, a white Cadillac, from which the bullets were fired at Shakur’s BMW, in 1996. 

Justice Delayed, But Not Denied

After 27 years of his mysterious death, justice was delayed but not denied, these were the words of District Attorney Steve Wolfson. The suspect got arrested, but questions still remain about such a long delay when the suspects were known. 

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