Scientists Discover Europe’s Oldest Shoes in Spanish Bat Cave

Scientists have discovered Europe’s oldest shoes in a Spanish cave. The sandals which are thought to be around 6000 years old are made of grass, scientists said. The study which was published in the scientific journal ‘Science’ labeled the discovered items to be well-preserved items to date.

Ancient baskets

Items Were Discovered in 19th Century

One of the interesting things about the study was that the items were actually discovered in the 19th century. The study recently uncovered the age and other data in a latest study. According to the study’s leading author, the bat cave was first accessed by a landowner in 1831, who collected the items to make fertilizer. 

A mallet and the remains of sandals

Total 76 Objects Found

A total of 76 objects were discovered by the scientists including “multiple artifacts essential to the daily life of past populations”. Some of the objects were 6,000-year-old while some items dated back to 9,000 years. The research will shed more light on little known cultural and civilizational aspects of European inhabitants, the study said. 

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