China Installs Floating Barrier To Stop Filipino Fishing Boats

To make the already strained relations worse amid already tense situation, China has installed a floating barrier to restrict the movement of Philippines fishing boats. The Philippines government strongly condemned the installation of the floating object, which it said is located in its territory.

Chinese Coast Guards Near The Floating Object

Floating Object Restrict Fishing Boats

The Philippines’ Coast Guard said the fishing boats were prevented by a 300m long floating object placed by the Chinese Coast Guard. Videos and images shared by the Philippines’ Coast Guard showed Chinese boats overlooking the floating object. The Philippines’ official statement said the obstacle was preventing poor fishermen from earning their livelihoods.

Barrier Was Installed Inside Philippines’ Territory

Interesting thing about the floating object was the fact that it was placed deep inside the Philippines’ territory. Scarborough Shoal, where the Chinese Coast Guard was seen patrolling the object, is 370 km inside the Philippines. But China claims the territory belongs to them and refers to Scarborough Shoal as Huangyan Island.

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