France Stops iPhone 12 Sales Over Radiation Levels

France has halted the sale of iPhone 12 after it was noticed that the phones emit too much electromagnetic radiation. The French government also told the tech company to make sure its existing phones have suitable radiation levels.

France said iPhone 12 radiation levels are illegal

France Threatened Recalling All iPhones

The French’s national frequency agency (ANFR) said Apple iPhones were emitting too much electromagnetic radiation, more than what was legally allowed.

The French digital minister Jean-Noel Barrot told the local newspaper that Apple has 2 weeks to respond otherwise the government will have to “recall all iPhones 12 in circulation”.

The minister said he’ll pass on the findings to the regulators in the European Union to make sure tech-giants are treated like others. 

Apple Said The Product is Fine

The tech-giant Apple told AFP that their products were certified by international regulators and they were safe to use.

The company said it carries out extensive lab tests to make sure the Specific Absorption Rate is kept balanced. The news of radiation broke out in France the day the iPhone 15 was released.

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