Trump Historic Mugshot Released After Arrest in Georgia

Former US President Donald Trump’s mugshot went viral after he surrendered in Georgia. Donald Trump has been charged with trying to overturn Georgia’s 2020 election results, two days after the elections when he was the president.

Trump To Pay Bail Bond of $200,000

While he awaits his trial, Trump had to pay $200,000 as a bail bond so that he could be released from the Atlanta jail. Although the arrest is the fourth of its type, Trump has never taken a mugshot photo before. He immediately took to his website where he uploaded the mugshot photo with text saying “Election interference. Never surrender!”.

Mugshot Becomes A Campaign Symbol

While mugshots have destroyed political careers in the past, for Trump, it became a campaign symbol. His campaign even started selling t-shirts featuring “NEVER SURRENDER,”. Donald Trump has repeatedly said that the charges against him are politically motivated, and he has done nothing wrong. 

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