Satellite Imagery Shows Ice Breakup Kills Penguin Colony

Satellite imagery has revealed shocking images of a Penguin colony that vanished in 2022. The colony disappeared and all the penguins were frozen to death when ice beneath their feet broke apart before they could develop waterproof feathers.

The science correspondent at the BBC, Jonathan Amos, said at least 10,000 penguins were killed in the incident.

Observing Penguins From Space

The event recorded by satellites revealed the colossal impact of global warming on emperor chicks on the Bellingshausen Sea, the west side of the Antarctic Peninsula.

Scientists were able to track 5 penguin colonies on multiple islands for months, as per the BBC report. By investigating closely, scientists saw that the chicks couldn’t develop properly due to shorter breeding cycle.

Emperors Are nearing Extinction

The emperor penguins are considered  “Near Threatened” by the international organizations for conservation. Experts suggest if the earth continues to get warmer, the beautiful birds will go extinct in the Antarctic.

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