August 17, 2023

Russian Luna-25 Spacecraft Enters Moon Orbit

Russian space craft has entered the lunar orbit and set to become the first Russian spacecraft in 50 years to reach moon. The Luna-25 is expected to land on the moon’s southern pole to investigate frozen water. No country on earth has achieved the milestone for landing on the southern side ever.

British Museum Sacks Employee For Stealing Artifacts

The British Museum has sacked one of its own employees for stealing artifacts from the Museum. The stolen items include jewelry, gold, gems and other precious stones. The suspect responsible is a staff member of the British Museum in London, an impressive tourist destination in the UK. The Museum said they were working with investigative experts to recover the stolen or any damaged artifacts.

Cash, Cars And Homes Seized in $735M Singapore Raids

Singapore authorities have seized $735 worth of cars, homes and watches amid crackdown on money-laundering elements. The police also seized gold bars, wines and designer handbags worth $23 million from criminals holding multiple foreign passports.