German Military Struggling To Find Fresh Recruits

German Defense Minister has said that the country’s armed forces cannot attract fresh recruits. The Bundeswehr, the armed forces of Germany, is struggling big time to find new recruits amid increasing Russian threat from the eastern border. The German armed forces are increasingly worried about the public’s interest in joining the military, the ministry said.

German Army Receiving Fewer Applications

The German army has been receiving fewer applications from the public amid a skyrocketing drop-out ratio. The German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius, during his visit to the military career center in Stuttgart, admitted to having received fewer applications this year. The Bundeswehr’s active personnel has seen a significant drop of 60% compared to 1990, as per Defense news.

Lack Of Resources

For a considerable time, the Bundeswehr has faced resource and funding constraints. However, the outbreak of the Ukraine war led Chancellor Olaf Scholz to commit to increasing military expenditure. According to Eva Hoegl, a German parliamentary commissioner responsible for overseeing the military, certain troops’ accommodations lacked Wi-Fi and functional toilets.

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