Donald Trump To Be Charged With Espionage

The former US President Donald Trump has been indicted on seven counts in the classified documents probe. He has been facing criminal charges over his alleged role in mishandling of the classified documents after he ceased to remain the president.

Charged Under Espionage Act

Donald Trump will be charged under the Espionage Act as he retained sensitive documents of national defense.  Trump attorney Jim Trusty told CNN that his client is facing charges of obstruction of justice, Espionage, destruction of records, making false statements and a count of conspiracy.

Trump Declassified The Documents

In response to the accusations, Donald Trump has repeatedly said He declassified the documents that were found at his residence at Mar-a-Lago. National security experts argue that the US government must prove that the documents Trump retained were classified and related to security, which will be easy for the government to do.

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