Our Planet is Now in The Danger Zone, Scientists Say

Earth is heading towards an imminent danger and has already surpassed 7 out of the 8 safety indicators. A research report by the Earth Commission published in the Nature journal emphasized on the continuously deteriorating situation on earth in terms of safety, health and justice.

Earth Safety Indicators

The research report mentioned that human activity has pushed the world to the brink of extinction and extreme danger. The international scientist group Earth Commission which has 40 international scientists focused on the 8 already established safety indicators including the availability of water and its contamination, nutrient loading, ecosystem, climate change and air pollution.

World is in Danger

By surpassing the 7 crucial indicators of Earth’s safety, our world has reached its “saturation point”, the lead author of the study Prof Johan Rockström said. Air pollution was still regional and has not yet hit the global danger point, but the next few years could prove to be crucial, the research said.

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