Astronomers Discover A Fake Moon Orbiting The Earth

Astronomers have detected a fake moon that has been orbiting our planet for thousands of years. The fake moon is actually an asteroid called 2023 FW13 and it enters earth’s orbit during its journey around the sun. The sun is believed to have far greater influence over the 2023 FW13 asteroid as compared to the earth.

A Fake Moon

The asteroid was first observed in the early 2023 and it amazed the astronomers to an extent that they literally took it for a moon. But after further observations, it was revealed that it was actually an asteroid revolving around the sun but its trajectory has kept it close to earth since 100 BC.

Earth’s Friend For Next 1,500 Years

Astronomers believe that the asteroid is expected to stay close to the earth for the next 1,500 years. The 2023 FW13 is around 15 meters in length and is hardly the size of a five story building. The asteroid has spent the longest time near the earth’s orbit as compared to previously observed fake moons.

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