Passenger Arrested For Opening Emergency Door Mid-Air

A passenger was arrested when he opened the emergency door of Asiana Airlines while the p[lane was still in the air. The Asiana Airlines flight landed safely in South Korea, without any harm to the 194 passengers on board. The door was open for an hour and the 30-year-old man was arrested immediately when the plane landed.

Passengers Shifted To Hospital

Upon landing, the Airplane crew along with medics shifted some passengers to the nearby hospitals as many of them fainted and some reported breathing problems. Passengers told a local news agency that they thought the plane was about to crash as they could hear the horrific gusting sounds. 

Suspect Even Tried To Jump

The passengers also told the media that at some point the suspect even tried to jump out of the plane, when the plane was still 250 meters from the ground. Flight attendants couldn’t prevent him from doing so as the plane was about to land, passengers said.

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