Polls Show 61% Americans Agree AI Threatens Humanity Future

As Artificial Intelligence strengthens its grip over our lives, there has been an increase in expert voices that suggest curbing the influence as it can threaten humanity’s existence. A recent survey conducted by Reuters/Ipsos, around 61%, more than two-third of the American population, agree that AI threatens the future of humanity.

AI is Exploding

In the recent months, AI has just exploded and integrated into everyday life with high tech giants competing with each other to dominate the market. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman also testified before the U.S. Congress on Tuesday that the technology be regulated as he voiced his concerns for potential misuse of the technology.

Only 22% Disagreed

The results of the survey also shed light on the remaining 39% of the participants as only 22% gave their answers in negative. “Globally, this is exploding,” said Senator Cory Booker, who voiced support for more regulation of AI, during a Senate panel on tuesday.

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