May 14, 2023

Air Pollution From Oil & Gas Costs US $77 Billion Annually

Air pollution from oil and gas production is costing the American economy around $77 billion annually, according to a new study published in the journal Environmental Research: Health. The researchers in the study have revealed the adverse effects of methane emitted by the production of oil and gas in the United States.

Twitter Suspends Services In Turkey Ahead Of Elections

Twitter has suspended its services in Turkey a day before elections in the country. Twitter didn’t specify what type of content will be restricted but users suspect it’ll be about the elections. The ban was announced on a legal request just a day before Turkey’s presidential and parliamentary elections, but twitter didn’t declare who made the request.

Florida Teen Arrested After Making Fake Bomb Threats To 911

A 16-year-old teen was arrested after he threatened to bomb several important locations in Florida. The authorities acted fast and secured several schools and the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, later on the threats appeared to false but the suspect did make those calls.