EU Lawmakers Agreed To Set Tough Rules For AI Technology

AI has come under scrutiny once again as EU lawmakers agreed to setting tough rules for the technology. Members of the European parliament also voted in favor of banning the use of AI in facial recognition for surveillance of citizens.

EU Lawmakers Agree Tougher AI rules

Bill Is In The Final Stages

The new Artificial Intelligence Act aims to establish fresh regulations governing the use of facial recognition, biometric surveillance, and various other AI applications. Following extensive negotiations lasting two years, the legislation is anticipated to progress to the final phase, where lawmakers collaborate with the European Commission and individual member states to finalize its specifics.

The AI Act is The First Legislation of This Kind Worldwide

First Legislation Of Its Kind

While AI technology is rapidly gaining its influence in every field of life, governments around the world are increasingly worried about the effect it has for the citizens. Dragoș Tudorache, who led the proposal of the act, said that the EU is leading the world towards more human centric AI, for the benefit of humanity at large.

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