SpaceX Is Set to Launch Starship, The Most Powerful Rocket

On Monday, SpaceX will attempt to launch the most powerful rocket system ever developed in the entire history. SpaceX’s Starship has almost double the thrust of a conventional rocket. The two-stage rocket ship will send the upper part of the vehicle eastward in order to complete one trip around the earth.

Rocket May Fail

Failures are common in the rocket systems especially when they are as gigantic as Starship. “Probably, tomorrow will not be successful,” Elon Musk told his Twitter audience on Monday. Musk said they are not expecting a successful launch, but if the launch was a success, the starship will provide crucial information about the vehicles leaves and flies back to Earth.

Most Powerful Rocket

The Starship, equipped with 33 engines, is the most powerful and robust rocket system ever developed. If everything goes as expected, SpaceX aims to use it for transporting astronauts to both the moon and Mars. This rocket is 120 meters high and has the capability to be reused entirely while carrying a maximum of 100 individuals.

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