US Intelligence Warns China Is Set to Unleash Cyber Attacks

Amid increasingly violent behavior from China in the East China sea, Experts are worried about China’s cybersecurity warfare against the United States. China just ceased its military drills around Taiwan, which were focused on US and western support to the island. Cybersecurity experts have warned that China will target US military and civilian infrastructure.

A Challenge For US

China is going to be a tougher opponent to counter as it has not revealed its capabilities yet, the experts suggest. FBI Director Christopher Wray said in 2020 that the FBI opens a fresh investigation every 10 hours and most of the agency’s counterintelligence operations are related to China.

Potential Targets

Chinese cybersecurity operations are expected to target military systems and transportation methods for troops and supplies that will be used to help Taiwan. China is more likely to target the US homeland and its “critical infrastructure and military assets worldwide” if a conflict with the US was imminent, Intelligence annual assessment report said.

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