US Nuclear Plant Leaks 1.5 Million Liters Of Radioactive Water

Xcel Energy, A utility company reported a Radioactive Water leak of about 105 million liters. The nuclear power plant located in Minnesota leaked dangerous chemical water but restricted its movement to avoid spillover beyond the facility. Officials from the facility said that the leak was not a public hazard and will be controlled.

Company Kept The Leak A Secret

The dangerous thing about the recent leak is that it was kept a secret as the state officials didn’t notify the public for months. Xcel Energy first discovered the leak 5 months ago in November, but the company kept it a secret to avoid external pressure. The leak could have been a disaster as the plant is located just 35 miles from the city of Minneapolis, with a population of 400,000. 

No Health & Safety Risk

The radioactive water contains tritium, a naturally occurring isotope of hydrogen, a typical by-product of nuclear plants. The fortunate thing is that the unstable element cannot travel very far and is not capable of penetrating the human skin. Xcel Energy also said that “the leak poses no health and safety risk” and work is underway to contain the leak. 

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