Murder Suspect Escapes From Courtroom in US

A murder suspect Edi Villalobos escaped the courtroom in the US state of Oregon. A security video footage showed the suspect sprinting from the courtroom where he was to stand for this trial. The suspect was accused of murder and some other felonies. The suspect was chased by the two deputies who escorted him to the courtroom.

Suspect Was Re-arrested

While exploiting the seconds of relief after he was uncuffed, Villalobos jumped towards the employees-only exit door ran down the hallway and finally out of the building.  The police chase was on for two hours and finally, the culprit was arrested hiding in a house. A community member alerted the Police and complained of someone breaking into their house.

Edi Villalobos, The Suspect Who Escaped The Courtroom

Why Deputies Removed The Restraints

As the video shows, Villalobos ran wildly the moment the deputies removed all the restraints. According to Oregon law, the defendant can’t be restrained in front of the jury to avoid any unwanted prejudice.

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