Peruvian Police Found Ancient Mummy Inside A Delivery Bag

Police in Peru found an ancient mummy during a routine security check. The mummy was found inside a bag by a delivery guy when he seemed suspicious to the police for acting drunk. The mummy was 600-800 years old, according to the initial investigation. 

Spiritual Girlfriend

The police officers were carrying out their usual patrol when they saw three young guys consuming alcohol beside a delivery bag. After the initial investigation, the suspicious guy with a bag revealed that he had been living with the mummy in a single room for years. He considered the 45-year-old male mummy as “a kind of spiritual girlfriend”. The police handed over the mummy to Peru’s ministry straight away.

All Three Were Detained

The three individuals were detained by the police for possible crimes against the cultural heritage of the country. Peru’s ministry of culture called upon the citizens to assist the authorities in preserving the country’s rich cultural heritage after the incident, according to the Peruvian newspaper El Comercio.

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