More Than 40% Of US Species At Risk of Extinction

More than a third of the species in the United States are at risk of extinction according to a latest research study. The research group found that around 40% of animals and 34 % of plants and 41% of ecosystem are under extinction risk. 

Species Are Annihilating

The study by the conservation group NatureServe rang the alarm over the gradual depletion of species including both animals and plants. More than 1,000 scientists from Canada and the US took part in the study. They extensively studied regions that they thought were more at risk from ever increasing population and urbanization.

The Species

The study focused on Texas, California and the US southeast which led the scientists to conclude that 200 types of trees are at risk of extinction including cacti species with 40% risk of extinction. Animals included carnivorous Venus flytrap, California condor and certain species of butterflies.

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