3 Interesting Side Hustles Using ChatGPT

Everyone and their cousin has probably heard of a tool called ChatGPT by OpenAi. This tool allows you to give a prompt about any topics and it will write up content. ChatGPT has risen in popularity in past few months.

People in 2023 are planning in use this tool to make extra money by using it to generate ideas or even write content for blogs, youtube videos and more.

Here is how it works: You give it a prompt, for example:
“Write me a youtube video outline for video about elon musk.” It will spit out an outline that you can use, or better yet, maybe sell it to others looking for an outline or script.

Chat GPT Prompt

However, the tool is not perfect and not meant for “copy/paste”, you will need to improve the context a little but and add your own twist to it, but it’s better than spending hours trying to think of ideas.

Here are 3 unique side hustles you could start using ChatGPT:

1. Become A Copywriter Using ChatGPT

A Copywriter is responsible for generating text to be used on promotions, brochures, emails and various promotional materials.
Copywriting always been a high paying career because it requires people to come of up ideas, that’s where most people are not so competent at.

With the help of tools like ChatGPT, as long as you understand the fundamental of copywriting, you could ask the Ai to help you come up with ideas.

2. Video & Script Writer

A video and script writer’s job is to write a story screenplays for YouTube or movies. In our case, we are not going to be creating scripts for the next Marvel movie, however, you could be writing a script for a YouTuber.

Start by finding YouTuber who publish interesting videos on their channel, then reach out to them via their Instagram or Twitter and ask if you write a script for them. You might even offer them a “free script” since it will give you a chance to show off “your” skill to them.

One note, always edit and add your own touches to the script and actually read the script before sending it in to your client.

3. Become A Front End Programmer

Front End Programmers are people who design and build “front facing” elements of softwares. “Think”: What you see visually whenever you use a software including the buttons, designs, colors, placements etc

Can you really become a “Front End Developer” with ChatGPT?
(I know a lot of programmers are thinking: this guy is nuts”

Well, sort of. Not a lot of people know but ChatGPT is capable of writing actual code. Ofcourse as a non-coder you might be wondering how you will become a “Front End Developer”.

Here is the prompt you will need to put on the ChatGPT:

“Write a program, that does “xyz” and include javascript, css and html to make the program work fully.”

In my case, I put in:

Write a script that will allow me to calculate sales tax, include javascript, css and html/

It gave me entire code that i could copy and paste. It actually worked.

Code Generated

Let me clarify, you will not become an expert front end programmer overnight but you could make few bucks here and there. You could offer this service on marketplaces like Fiverr.

To summarize, You can use tool like ChatGPT to help you launch a new career where you need to generate ideas or need a little personal assistant to help you push on the right direction.

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