New App Improves Memory Recall For Alzheimer Patients

The experts in memory and neuroscience have developed an application that can enhance memory recall. The application HippoCamera is guided by neuroscience and is based on real brain functions that help in memory recall. It mimics a specific part of the human brain responsible for recording and preserving memories.

50% Improvement in Memory

HippoCamera has been developed and validated by renowned memory researchers from the University of Toronto for the past 8 years. The results were astonishing as they showed great memory benefits. Memory for particular events improved by nearly 50% on average, thanks to the HippoCamera. 

How Does It Work

HippoCamera functions like the hippocampus, a specific portion of the brain responsible for remembering important life events. It is a two step process, the first step is to record a certain event that you want to remember. The second step is to replay the memories with 8 seconds audio description of the event. 

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