7 Ways To Succeed In MLM From 75K Per Month Earner

Becoming successful in any network marketing company can be quite the challenge because, not only do you need to be good at sales but also be excellent at other leadership qualities.

We got a chance to speak with Ali Saleh, who has been in the multi level marketing industry for well over 4 years. He is currently working with Eaconomy for almost 2 years & has earned the top ranking in the company.

Ali Saleh @ali.wealth

Saleh has a “Mogul75” Rank, which means that he is eligible for a monthly passive earning of 75K USD. We reached out to Saleh if he could share any tips/strategies.

Email We sent to Ali Saleh on Jan 3th 2023

The following text is the response we received from Saleh in first person.

Find The Right Company

The beginning of every successful MLM build starts with the proper company. Find a company and product you believe in: In order to be successful in MLM, it’s important to truly believe in the product or service that you are promoting. If you don’t believe in the product, it will be difficult to convince others to join the business or buy the product. On your search for your golden goose company, make sure the results are actually there. Test the products and services for yourself, get a great feel for the vibe for the company and products, the last thing you want is to tarnish your rep because you didn’t do enough due diligence.

Small Steps Add Up

I see entirely way too many people start their MLM journey with achieving the top rank in the company, which I think is great, but there are levels to this. What I mean is breakdown your life, ask yourself how an extra $500 – $3000 a month in cash flow could impact your immediate situation? Look at your comp plan and KNOW YOUR NUMBERS, identify 3 ranks within the comp plan and FOCUS on smashing those ranks. Once you cross those bridges, then set your sights higher. Everything has a process, and for setting the proper goals you need to keep your team in mind. For example, envision the results your team will have as well, how can you help them reach their goals. Set clear goals: It’s important to have specific and achievable goals in mind when starting an MLM business. This will help you stay focused and motivated.

You Are Strong As Your Team

Everything lives and dies with your ability to build a strong team. Building a strong team of downline members is crucial to success in MLM. Not only will a strong team help you achieve your goals faster, but it will also provide a supportive and collaborative environment for everyone involved. Most people fail in MLM because they don’t know how to provide for their downline, so in order to build a strong team you MUST be an incredible system builder. You can do this easily by having a locktight team schedule with multiple affiliate and customer trainings per week to ensure your customers and affiliates are a product of the product. Get your leaders involved and have them host team training events and prospect webinars. Also, dig deep into your organization as the leader and have one on one’s with as many people as possible. The more you help your team, the more they will look at you as their leader, as their source of value, and as a beacon of hope. Because of that, they will be more committed to the process which in turn helps you build a strong team.

Don’t Stop Learning

Saleh spends 1-2 hours a day learning and spends most of his income to build his skills.

Learning from others has been one of the single most integral parts of my journey that has allowed me to build such massive teams. I am not some sort of innovator or a guy who has a groundbreaking strategy that no one has ever heard of before. I just found people in the industry who matched me stylistically and I duplicated them at scale. I guess you can say I learned this from my sales background. When I wanted to be the top income earner in the company, all I did was watch the top guy’s numbers like a hawk and I could easily see his strategy for winning. So what did I do, I duplicated the guy and created a nice income for myself. I did the same here in MLM, and NO I don’t mean duplicate Eric Worre or Frazier Brooks, what I mean is find leaders in your company, or other companies, and watch their social media pages, hop on their presentations and take notes, watch their youtube videos and get a feel for what GOOD looks like. Then you just simply duplicate that process until you’re making 6 figures a month. At the end of the day MLM is a business, and like any business, there will be ups and downs, but like any fortune 500 company you take pages from other companies that are doing it right!

Become Organized

Organization is KEY to having a successful team in this crazy and fast changing industry of MLM. I am not going to lie, being organized is one of my BIGGEST obstacles in life, and for you reading this, you might be thinking the same thing. But when is it ever okay to lose out on income just because you might not be AMAZING at a few things? Never. So you need to find a way to be as organized as possible with a system that is simple. For me, every single call goes on my calendar right away, this way I don’t double book or forget a meeting. But do NOT stress yourself out about this, just keep it as simple as possible when it comes to this. I also don’t drink alcohol (it’s poison) or do any type of drugs (or weed) so my mind stays sharp and healthy and this helps immensely. Stay organized, know your numbers, and keep a pulse on your business! 

Persistent Is The Key

If you are persistent you will get it and if you are consistent you will KEEP IT. Consistency is the lifeblood of your organization and will keep you moving towards your goals like a meteor hitting gravity after floating in space aimlessly. You must dedicate time to your business in order for you to see results. Imagine you work a 9-5 (or a day job) and you also want to break out of the matrix, you can’t just quit your job in order to make time for your MLM business. Your job is your fundraiser and your lifeline to make your dreams a reality. What you need to focus on is being consistent with your efforts AFTER your job when it comes to your MLM business. Be intentional with your calendar and your meetings. Take it seriously so when you come home from work, you take your brief rest, and then dive right into your business. I have never met a successful person in MLM who didn’t have a consistent process to build their dream.

Should You Quit?

Distributors often times over process and miss the single most important piece of this puzzle to the process, never quit. Quitting is the surefire way to end your MLM run. Regardless of what scenario you could have in front of you, walking away is the worst thing you can do, I know this because I quit in 2013. I was in a company in 2013. I was 23 years old, I am 32 now, and I was in a company for about two months, mind you this is one of my first experiences in MLM, when they lost their whole operation. Prior to the company closing I was able to bring in over 250 people into the company in less than 2 months and I was on cloud 9. Once the company closed, I was utterly heartbroken and immediately disliked MLM, I was upset with my up lines, and worst of all I QUIT! I took the easy way out with ZERO accountability and just left the industry completely, which now I realize was the BIGGEST mistake of my MLM journey. I watched my downline and up lines continue to work in the industry despite adversity and go on to make multiple millions while I “hated” MLM. I don’t regret how things went down, life is easier in hindsight of course because you kind of know the outcome. The point is had I not quit, I would never have to look at this scenario in hindsight to begin with. Moral of the story: when you decide what you’re going to do in MLM don’t falter, don’t complain, and more importantly don’t quit. 

Saleh@ UAE

Remember, success in MLM is not just about the money, it’s about creating a business and a life that you truly believe in. With the right mindset, strategies, and support, you can achieve anything you set your mind to. I hope this article has provided valuable insights and inspiration for your MLM journey. The whole purpose of this is to get you to fell what I feel everyday in this business, passion, connections, and the hunger to do more, have more and become more. Take action and make this year your best year ever!

You can follow Ali Saleh on his instagram.

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