Pentagon Received 366 UFO Sighting Reports

Although the pentagon categorically rejected any evidence of aliens ever visiting our planet, a new report has mentioned that 366 new unidentified objects were reported recently. Total of UFO reports has risen to 510 with 144 previously reported objects.

UFOs Near Nuclear Facilities

The report mentioned that most of the aerial objects were spotted near military installations including nuclear power plants. The US Department of near sensitive report states that 366 new “unidentified aerial” objects have been reported since March 2021. Most of the sightings were reported by the US Navy and Air Force flying near sensitive military zones.

Possible Espionage

Pentagon in its December 2022 report said that they could find “No Evidence Of Alien Activity”, but the involvement of foreign adversaries is not out of the table either. The report said that they’ll continue to find out if there is any “foreign government involvement” in such cases. 

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