Scientists Invent New Way to Refrigerate Things

Scientist at Berkeley Lab have invented an entirely new way to refrigerate and cool things down. It’s called “Isocaloric Cooling”.

This is when a material can expand and shrink without the use of electricity by applying pressure.

How Isocaloric Cooling Works?

Imagine you have a special material that can change shape when it gets hot,It gets bigger and when it gets cold, it gets smaller.

That material also has tiny pieces called ions. When the material gets hot, the ions inside start to move around more and that makes the material grow bigger. But when we put pressure on the material, the ions get squished together and that makes the material shrink back down.

So, when the material gets hot, it gets bigger. When we put pressure on it, the material gets smaller and colder again. This can be done without the use of electricity or refrigerant.

How Current Refrigerator Work

Currently, Refrigerators throw heat out of the appliance in order to keep your items fresh in the fridge. Refrigerators use a closed end system that relies on refrigerant going through coils.

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