Japan: Apple Charged $98 Million For Back Taxes

Tokyo authorities have charged Apply Japan around $98 million for selling devices to tourists. Apply offered its devices for bulk sales to foreign tourists that were exempted from the consumption tax, according to Nikkei. 

Tax-Free Shopping

Tourists staying in Japan for less than a month are exempted from the  10% consumption tax. But this is only applicable for buying everyday commodities and is not for resale purposes. Some Apple stores in Japan have reported bulk purchases by foreign customers, with at least one transaction involving a single customer purchasing hundreds of phones all at once.

Apple Filed Amended Tax Return

It’s claimed that Apple Japan submitted an amended tax return. “We apologize for the inconvenience,” the company said, according to Nikkei. Survey by tax authorities has revealed that 24,000 such cases have occurred this year, where companies failed to report consumption tax payments.

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