Extreme Winter Storm Kills 23 In US And Canada

At least 23 people have died in the US and Canada, as a result of exposure to extreme weather and car accidents on icy roads. More than 250 million are affected in the region by the winter storm that spans over 2000 miles at the moment. The increased demand for heat brought about by storms put pressure on power infrastructure across the US and Canada.

Christmas Day Without Power

Across the continent, more than one million people are without power and electricity. Millions of people are on edge of possible blackouts over the Christmas holiday weekend. Nationwide winter storms have knocked out electricity for at least 300,000 homes and businesses. The provinces of Ontario and Quebec in Canada were suffering the wrath of winter storms.

Extremely Low Temperatures

The temperatures have gone to an all-time low for many Americans and Canadians. Montana, the western state in the US, recorded the coldest temperatures of -50F. (-45C). Half of the US population currently falls under severe wind chill alerts.

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