Study Shows Signs Of Alzheimer’s Disease In Dolphins

New study has uncovered signs of drastic brain changes in three types of dolphins. Brian changes are associated with human Alzheimer’s disease, a typical human progressive neurologic disorder. The signs of Alzheimer’s disease were found in three kinds of whales that have been found abandoned off the coast of Scotland, including a bottlenose dolphin and a long-finned pilot whale. 

Some Theorists Argue That Deep Ocean Have Less Oxygen, Hence Dolphins Die

“Sick Leader” Theory

The research studied the brains of 22 different types of dolphins, found lost in Scottish coastal waters. The research was published in the European Journal of Neuroscience. The researchers found multiple brain changes associated with Alzheimer’s disease. The research supports the “sick leader” theory, according to which a bunch of healthy dolphins end up lost in extremely shallow waters after following a confused group leader. 

What Are The Reasons?

The subject still requires much of the digging that has not been done yet. The researchers were skeptical about what could have caused the innocent dolphins to act a certain way. The findings are mysterious and “further study may give us some sort of help,” Tara Spires-Jones from University of Edinburgh said.

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