Putin Imprisoned Russian Soldiers Refusing To Fight

A common man can’t  comprehend the devastation Russia has been facing by the hands of Ukrainian forces. Putin has been consistently bombing the energy infrastructure to subjugate the Ukrainians, but everything is firing back. Now Putin is putting his own soldiers behind bars, who are refusing to fight for him.

Partial Mobilization

In the recent days of the war, it seemed like Putin would only use his professional forces in the invasion of Ukraine. Everything changed on September 21 when Putin declared partial mobilization, which marked a significant escalation of the conflict and attracted international attention. Putin was forced to take this action due to personnel shortages and losses in Ukraine. Since then Putin has faced resistance from his own Russian population, resisting being recruited into the army. Hundreds have been put behind bars for refusing to fight in Ukraine.

Jailed And Tortured

Those put behind bars have been facing constant beatings and extreme torture at the hands of Russian forces. Russian officials have rejected the reports of Russians being jailed for not fighting in Ukraine. Reports are “nonsense and fake,” Putin said earlier this month.

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