France Declares Free Condoms For 18 to 25 Year Olds

Amid a growing number of sexually transmitted diseases, French president, Emmanuel Macron, has announced to provide free condoms to its citizens. According to the latest announcement on Thursday, people can collect them from any pharmacy around the country. Last year, the French government also announced that all women under 26, can have free access to birth control.

“For all young people aged 18 to 25, in 2023, condoms will be free in pharmacies”

 ‘Revolution For Contraception’

While addressing the young people’s conference in Fontaine-le-Comte, the French president termed the latest health measure, a “small revolution for contraception”. France has experienced a 30% increase in sexually transmitted infections. The president also emphasized the importance of sexual education and the latest increase in covid cases across the country.

Other Health Measures

Other health measures include free STI screenings without a prescription for citizens under the age of 26, excluding HIV, and free emergency contraception for all women in pharmacies.

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