New Website That Shows Virtual Asteroid Hit On Earth

We have always wondered what an asteroid hitting our planet would look like. Is it going to destroy the entire earth or just a part of it?. Well, this new website can show the potential impact of an asteroid on earth.

The Asteroid Launcher

A website called Asteroid Launcher, developed by Neal Agarwal, shows the impact of asteroids striking the Earth surface. The website has a series of interactive images that allow users to visualize the damage and the radius of it, brought on by the effects of fire, sonic boom, wind, and earthquake.

Visualizing The End Of Humanity

The website is like visualizing the end of entire life on the planet earth. It also uncovers the reality of how lucky we are to be alive as a single asteroid hit can literally annihilate us. Asteroid Launcher provides us a glimpse into what may happen only from a direct hit, even if it’s improbable that an asteroid attack would result in the extinction of humans.

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