Meta Accuses Apple Of Undercutting Other Businesses To Grow

Meta is picking a fight with Apple once again after the latest App Store policy updates.

New App Store Policy

Apple is requiring social media apps like Meta which charge people to “boost” their posts in their app to do so using Apple’s system under their new policy.

This means every time a user will boost their post on the Facebook app on their iPhone, Apple will make 30% from it.

To use Apple’s system, companies have to pay Apple 30% of any in-app purchases.

This will not only affect Meta’s apps like Facebook or Instagram but it will also affect other social media apps like Twitter, TikTok, and Snapchat.

Meta vs. Apple

This is not the first time that Meta is mad at Apple.

Last year when Apple released an update to give their users App Tracking Transparency (ATT) feature, Meta was very upset at Apple.

ATT is a feature that would display when opening an app that would be tracking you for advertisement and ask you to allow or “Ask App Not to Track.”

Selling ads is Meta’s biggest revenue and this feature hurt that badly.

With the new policy, Meta can lose out again as they will now need to pay appl 30% for every boost post purchase.

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